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RJ Gibb Plus Very Special Guests

RJ Gibb Plus Very Special Guests

On 20 October 2019, R.J. Gibb, singer-songwriter, music producer and son of legendary music icon Robin Gibb, will present a very special show celebrating the music of The Bee Gees, his father's song writing and continue the legacy with his own songs. R.J. Gibb Plus Very Special Guests will take place at London's famed art deco Bloomsbury Ballroom.

R.J. Gibb said: "Our goal is to truly offer people a night to remember." R.J. Gibb worked extensively alongside his father Robin. He co-composed The Titanic Requiem with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & produced many tracks on 50 St. Catherine's Drive, his father's last pop album. The event will also mark the release of R.J.'s first solo E.P., on KTT Records.

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Robin-John Gibb (RJ) has dual citizenship in the USA and UK. He was educated at: Ashfold School in Dorton, New College in Oxford in UK, Cushman School and Gulliver Academy in USA.

RJ has a life-long love of music, film and theatre. As a child he studied at Miami’s Sdoia Satz Institute of Music where he learned to play piano, violin and saxophone, before settling eventually on trumpet. Ultimately, his interest in keyboards and guitar took precedence.

RJ is also a composer. He formed a band: The High Rollers, performing in Miami. In the UK he was asked to provide music for a series of films on Irish History by Blue Egg Productions. The first of these, the acclaimed Blind Eye was released in 2008. RJ was asked to act in the others, as well as continuing to compose the music.

When not pursuing music and acting, he is usually absorbed in his other passions, theoretical physics and quantum mechanics. RJ has a particular facility in accents and has mastered several different colloquial accents of the USA and UK.

RJ pays tribute to his father Robin in The Gibb Collective, by singing ‘I Started A Joke’, one of his father’s signature songs of The Bee Gees. Currently RJ is working on songs for his own album.

Theatre Work

RJ first studied drama at Gulliver Academy, then subsequently enrolled in courses at RADA for both Classical and Contemporary Drama in the UK, and at The London Academy of Media, Film and TV. He also enrolled in a screenwriting course at the NFTS in Beaconsfield.

He has been studying drama for six years with Andy Hinds, ex-RADA teacher and leading director and acting teacher in Ireland, currently artistic director of Classic Stage Ireland.

He is associate producer on the feature film Road To Nowhere (The film was nominated for a Golden Lion at the 67th Venice Film Festival at which the director Monty Hellman received a Special Lion Award).

RJ has co-written, produced, and starred in a short film called "Anaemia". He has also composed the music for Anaemia.


RJ was co-composer with his father Robin Gibb on The Titanic Requiem. He also composed music for "Blood-Type - The Search", a Vampire series currently in development, co-writing, producing and performing the song Instant Love with his father Robin. In the taster for the series, RJ plays Belisar, a Vampire Lord.

In 2011 he co-produced the album Message To You recorded by The Soldiers and his father Robin for a charity helping injured soldiers.

He also co-composed some tracks with his father for 50 St Catherine’s Drive, his father’s last pop album.


RJ has a deep interest in mentalism and has been studying this art since 15 years old. As an accomplished mentalist and magician, he has performed for Children In Need, and raised funds for veterans and for charity at private functions.
In 2016 he performed at the Mayor's Ball and also at Ashfold Ball.


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